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Cordon Bleu & Crispy Food

Try one of our homemade Cordon Bleu or something of our Crispy Corner

Check our menu:

CordonBleu & Omelets

Crispy Corner



Up to 30 different Burgers.

Check our menu:

Classic Burger

Veal Burger

Longhorn Burger

Burger Suggestion

Vegan Burger

Crispy Corner



Big Mama

With the size of 10 Gourmet Burger, Big Mama is our biggest Burger and perfect to share.

1.5 Kg meat and a total weight of 3 Kg.

Served with 1 Kg french fries for FREE.

Price: 120.- CHF

Please order this burger at least two days in advance.


XXL Cordon Bleu Burger

The XXL Cordon Bleu Burger has a total weight of 3.5 Kg and gets served with 1 Kg free french fries.

The burger is stuffed with Swiss mountain cheese and ham and in breadcrumbs coated.

Always made with Swiss Beef.

Preis: 140.- CHF

Perfect for 4-6 very hungry people or 8-10 „normal“ hungry people.

On request we can change the filling and meat.

Please order this burger at least two days in advance.

Special Request / Allergies

All our Burgers can be ordered gluten free and lactose free.

Most of our homemade Cordon Bleu are also lactose free as some other dishes too.

Don’t hesitate to ask us!

Please let the staff know about any allergies.


Starters, Soups & Salads

Try some of our homemade soups or salads:





Do you like spicy food?

If yes, you will love our Scoville scale.

But watch out!!! #1 is already super spicy!!

If you want #6 you have to sign a release form.

Check our scoville scale:

–> Scoville scale <–


We have plenty homemade vegetarian/vegan dishes.

Check for the green signs in our menu.

Vegi&Vegan Burgers

We also offer a vegan weekly burger and a weekly vegan dish.

Don’t forget to check out our montly vegan dinner!

Braui 5.- CHF Deal

Wednesday to Friday between 11:30am to 5pm you can have our Braui 5.- CHF Deal with any dish you choose.

Our Deal: Get for only 5.- CHF a drink (3dl), a small green salad and a dessert.

 Lunch Menu

Only 16.- CHF

Wednesday to Friday from 11:30am till 2pm

We offer a Daily Lunch Burger and a Lunch Dish

And also our vegan weekly burger and a weekly vegan dish.


Try one of our Tartar.



We have a kids menu and toys for them to play with

Klick here: –> Kids


Ice cream Burger

Try one of our famous ice cream burgers!!!

Check out why named us as one of „9 Swiss burgers which blow the mind of more than just the U.S. President“.

Check out our Dessert Menu:

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Shots starting at 4.50 CHF

Long Drinks starting at 9.50 CHF

Read more about it:

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